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We all have our reasons and routines. From the patient who has a timed and consistent everyday regime of high-dose products to treat pain to your friend who only likes to get lit in the bathtub every other Sunday, where and when we use cannabis is a varied tapestry. But why we use cannabis can be narrowed down a bit more, and it’s interesting to see which reasons are the most pervasive. For this information we turned to BDSA, which polled all varieties of cannabis consumers* to find out the top ten reasons people give for lighting up, popping an edible, draining a THC beverage, or getting some R & R with topicals. 

An interesting aspect of this data is that there’s no overwhelming reason why people consume cannabis–when spread across ten categories, the most popular reason weighs in at only 14%. Take a look at the data below:

*Source: BDSA Consumer Insights, Spring 2021, All Consumers, Adult-use states.

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