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The makers of Artet, the California craft beverage company known for their cannabis-infused aperitifs and to-go cocktails, are back with another innovative drink. In collaboration with Aster Farms, they have released the first single-source, strain-specific cannabis beverage on the market.

The new beverage is a twist on the company’s flagship drink, ‘Founders’ Blend.’ This limited-edition batch combines Artet’s original botanical blend with live resin from Aster Farms’ Honeydew Funk, an indica-dominant hybrid. 

The aperitif contains 5 mg of live resin per 50 ml shot and a 750 ml bottle costs $48. It is currently available at select California dispensaries and a wider launch across the state will follow this fall.  

After earning the #3 spot on the Pioneer Intelligence index for the nation’s hottest cannabis beverages in April, Artet’s founders have continued to innovate. In an era when most cannabis beverages give little information other than CBD and THC content, it’s refreshing to see this a brand putting the emphasis on a specific strain and farm–especially a farm focused on sustainable cannabis, grown outdoors in organic soil

The release of the first single-source, strain-specific beverage signifies a growing future for cannabis drinks. While beverage sales have consistently been undermined by other cannabis product sales, their future is positive. BDSA reported a 22% increase in cannabis beverage sales between 2019 and 2020, showcasing an upward trajectory for the industry. 

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