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With five years of legal sales under their belt, we’re curious how the competition is brewing in the Nevada cannabis market. So, we pulled out the trusty Pioneer Heat Index, which monitors consumer engagement across three pillars (earned media, social media, and website traffic) to see what’s up in the Silver State. More on Pioneer’s methodology here. Keep in mind that these brands are all Nevada-based (meaning, they started in the state), but several have expanded their footprint into other markets as well. 

We weren’t surprised to see Deep Roots Harvest at the top of the list. They’ve grown considerably since launching in 2015, supplying a majority of Nevada’s dispensaries and producing some of Nevada’s hottest edibles, like Cheeba Chews and Helix Gummies. Their Instagram profile boasts more than 20,000 followers, even though they tend to post once a week at most. It appears they’ve joined the growing number of cannabis companies that are scaling back their presence on Zuckerberg’s platform, using it mostly to drive customers to their website. 

Sol’s second-place position is no surprise, either. Their cannabis is grown on site and their living, sungrown plants are visible to customers, adding a new level to the shopping experience. And their Instagram is filled with farm shots and their self-coined hashtag, #solisbetter. 

No doubt adding to their overall buzz, several of the brands on this list landed a Cannabis Cup Nevada: People’s Choice Edition award last year, including, Matrix NV, and FloraVega, and Aether Gardens, the cultivators behind Binske, Betty’s Eddies, STIIIZY, and other notable brands. 

We suspect these rankings will shift around in the near future, as the state finalizes regulations for consumption lounges and begins to cater to a different industry sector. But for now, these are the brands that have generated enough buzz to climb to the top of the Pioneer Heat Index.  

Pioneer Intelligence leverages data to benchmark marketing performance of consumer-facing cannabis brands. Built by a group of experienced and passionate marketers and data scientists, Pioneer helps industry stakeholders better understand how communications strategies resonate with audiences. In early 2021, Pioneer launched its first products, a suite of marketing performance scorecards. These reports present actionable data across three focus areas: social media, earned media and web-related activities. More information can be found on the company’s website,

Disclaimer:  Pioneer currently has more than 680 brands in their active pool with hundreds more in their pipeline. (Pipeline brands require six months of data before being added to the active pool.) Lists of both active and pipeline brands can be found at If you would like to request your brand be tracked by Pioneer, please email  [email protected].