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As the first state to allow adult-use cannabis, Colorado was the vanguard for our industry that now boasts 17 states with existing or pending adult-use programs–and undoubtedly more to follow. On January 30, 2020, Colorado House Bill 1090 was enacted, which allowed cannabis operators to accept out-of-state investment.  

Well over a year now since the law was passed, we look at the MSOs (operators in 4 or more States) that are operating in Colorado and successfully engaged consumers in March across all product categories and all three media pillars from Pioneer Intelligence’s Heat Index.

It should be no surprise to see powerhouses Cookies, Select, and Viola taking the top three spots, respectively. (It’s interesting to see that two of the top three are operated by celebs.)

Cookies has been on a tear showing that unique genetics can create a strong fan base and they have been a market leader on social media engagement. Viola has mastered the art of storytelling through their leader Al Harrington and a brand named out of love for his grandmother. And Select has gone from being known for their superior oils to a well-rounded product mix that now includes fast-acting nano tech gummies and now their Select Squeeze, a product modeled after Mio water enhancers but with a little more punch than what I allow my kids to have.

Top ten CO MSOs

While immigrated brands took the top 3 spots, Colorado-born brands held their own.  The top home-grown contender is Keef Brands at the #4 spot and Denver-based 1906 New Highs follows on their heels at #5. A privately held brand led by one of our industry’s most iconic female CEO’s, Nancy Whiteman, Wana Brands lands at #7. Mary’s Medicinals, which reverse-merged with Dixie Brands in March, as part of a growing portfolio for Bell Rock Brands lands in the #9 spot.

Wyld (#6), Willie’s Reserve (#8) and Lil’ Wayne’s GKUA cannabis all respectably make this week’s TTH list.

Stay tuned, TTH’s will be looking at consumer engagement in April to see which brands connected with consumers over the 420 celebration.

Disclaimer:  Pioneer currently has more than 550 brands in their active pool with another 250 brands in their pipeline. Pipeline brands require six months of data before being added to the active pool. Lists of both active and pipeline brands can be found at If you would like to request your brand be tracked by Pioneer, please email  [email protected].

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