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As we all know, the robust cannabis market has been one of the only good things about 2020. But some brands have seen a particularly impressive uptick in sales. Let’s take a look at Oregon…

Oregonians are known for their “shop local” ethos, so it’s no surprise that the majority of these brands are homegrown. But you’ll also spot a couple of MSOs, as well as Oregon-based brands that are now moving into other states. Whatever their provenance, here’s the brands that are absolutely killing it this year in Oregon.


Hush comes from Halo Labs, an Oregon-based company that has since expanded into other markets. When I first read that Hush was known for their blue cheese vape cartridge, I got pretty excited. Here was a flavored vape cartridge this cheese lover could get behind. Turns out it’s actually Blue Cheese the strain. (In retrospect, I should have seen that coming.) In addition to vape cartridges, Hush is known for THC tinctures, gummies, flavored shatter, and live resin.

Dr. Jolly’s

This homegrown brand was founded by two brothers nicknamed “Doctor” and “Jolly.” “Jolly” is an obvious grow nerd who has been supplying patients in the Bend area since 2007. They use organic and no-till techniques and grow a wide range of strains that are sold at their eponymous dispensary. Dr. Jolly’s is also known for tincture, live resin, and the “jolly stick.”

Happy Cabbage Farms

The award-winning crew at Oregon’s Happy Cabbage are known for their high quality rosin and cartridges, which are made with uncut hash rosin that retains its natural cannabinoids and terpene characteristics.

Highland Provisions

Located in the Bend area, this indoor powerhouse grows impressively potent strains and also produces gummies, rosin, pre-rolls and cartridges.


Wyld is Oregon’s most famous edibles brand for a reason. Actually several! Beautiful branding, delicious gummies, and a serious commitment to quality.


Avitas got its start in Washington state, but seems committed to thoughtfully building its Oregon presence. The brand is vocal about sustainability, keeping their indoor facilities pesticide-free, and engaging in marketing and education intended to help lift the stigma of cannabis.


Born and bred in southern Oregon, Orekron is a light dep operation with climate controlled greenhouses and touts indoor quality bud without the indoor price tag, or “great weed for the working people of Oregon.”


Buddies operates across the PNW, and markets vape cartridges, extracts, and flower. Their “Buddies Cares” program supports the arts, LGBTQ+ rights and resources, Meals on Wheels, and the James Beard Foundation.

Bo’s Nose Knows

If their name didn’t tip you off, this stuff is for profesh stoners. Bo’s Nose Knows is known for potent hash and rosin made from high quality southern Oregon sungrown.

TJ’s Gardens

Based in Eugene, TJ’s Gardens was acquired by Stem Holdings in 2019. One of the most decorated grow operations in the country (they’ve won 30+ awards), the brand was founded by two medical growers who espouse a “beyond organic” grow philosophy. TJ’s products are also available in Washington state.