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On Thursday, California’s Kiva Confections unveiled Lost Farm, the first edibles brand made with strain-specific, 100% live resin. The first batch of edibles will feature three strains: Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, and a limited edition run of Clementine. The California edibles brand aims to capture the intricacies of each strain’s flavors and effects. Due to grow cycles, Lost Farm strains will change throughout the year and many releases will be limited edition.

In a press release, Kiva representatives stated, “The effects from Lost Farm edibles will feel distinctively richer, brighter, and more complex in comparison to traditional edibles that utilize standard infusion methods.”  

Kiva’s new product line is reflective of a greater trend toward gourmet and premium edibles that supposedly create a more nuanced experience. According to Kiva, flower is processed within two hours of harvest. Promo materials describe the process: “At the time of harvest, cannabis flower is flash frozen to preserve its rich flavors, complex aromas and broad terpene profiles. Then the flower is delicately extracted to create live resin, which is infused to create a full spectrum, plant-based edible with an ultra-fresh flavor.”

The new line is clearly geared toward more sophisticated or long-time consumers, as reflected in comments from Kiva CEO Scott Palmer, who mused, “Today we can smoke or vape cannabis strains that range in taste from floral to fruit to diesel, with effects that span from soporific to stimulating. While appreciative for the nuances captured in inhalable formats, we had to ask ourselves: Why can’t we explore the incredible nuances of cannabis in an edible? Lost Farm is the culmination of the journey we went through to answer that question. Having spent ten years building a legacy of cutting-edge innovation in this field, Lost Farm is still something I’m particularly proud of.”

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