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When Massachusetts Trulieve employee Lorna McMurrey died on the job at the beginning of this year, the incident didn’t make headlines. Eight months later, a cannabis podcast brought the death to the public’s attention, leading to an investigation with OSHA. 

Now, nearly a year later, the Florida-based dispensary chain has reached a settlement with OSHA that will create additional health and safety protections for its cannabis workers. The agreement also requires Trulieve to undertake a study determining if ground cannabis dust is required to be a “hazardous chemical” under OSHA regulations. The study is expected to be complete by May 29, 2023. 

“We’re pleased to have entered into this agreement with OSHA,” says CEO Kim Rivers. “We are proud of the many protections we have already put in place for our workers. However, as an industry leader in what is still a relatively new manufacturing business, we want to continue to establish best practices, so our workers can have the health and safety assurances they need.”

Conveniently, the agreement cuts the original $35,219 fine against Trulieve down to $14,502.

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