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Editor’s note: As an industry publication, we don’t do a lot of product guides in the traditional sense. But we also know that most of our readers are believers in the power of cannabis, who also like to share that magic with their loved ones. So with Mother’s Day on the horizon, we’re veering from our normal programming to look at cannabis companies that’re creating mom-friendly gift items.

Now, what exactly is mom-friendly? Obviously, moms come in all shapes, sizes, and tolerance levels. So we’ve tried to find a little something for every mom. Fortunately, we’ve got a lot to choose from as more and more cannabis brands are built by and for women—from Revelry and Hello Again focusing on products to ease the discomfort of menopause to Edie Parker Flower embracing a fun, femme aesthetic. Not that I’m saying I assume the mom in your life is femme–when we look for mom-friendly products we’re really looking for products that will ease stress and make parenting more fun–whether that’s playing make-believe with the kids or kicking back and smoking a jay with the adult daughter who just brought the best Mother’s Day flowers ever.

For the cannacurious mom…If the mom in your life is cannacurious, topicals are popular entry-level cannabis products and also a great way to ease the stress of parenting. Check out this CBD and CBG-rich Attuning Face Potion from Frigg, a Black-owned, woman-owned wellness brand that “uses ancient botanical wisdom to turn back the effects of modern stressors.” Or you could get her Heylo’s Heylotion Balm, a 1:1 THC-CBD cannabis extract blended with organic coconut oil, avocado oil, cannabis wax, and menthol. It won’t get your mom high, but it should help her relax and feel luxurious. (Heylo recently ranked as one of the top ten hottest woman-led brands in the US.)

Kimberly Dillon, Frigg founder with products

If your cannacurious mom is ready to get high, you could consider a low-dose edible like Petra, from Kiva (which ranked #2 on the Pioneer Heat index for hottest women-led brands nationwide). These mints contain 2.5 mg of THC per serving, come in a fun range of flavors, and are available in Ohio, California, Michigan, and Ohio. Not in the US but still looking for low-dose fun? Check out Indiva Jewels, which contain 1 mg of THC per tart and are available in BC, Alberta, and Ontario.

On the other hand, I know a lot of moms who are more advanced in the realm of weed. If the mom in your life is a serious old-school stoner, there’s a good chance she likes to smoke sungrown weed—pesticide free and potent as hell. If you’re in Oregon, consider picking up some bud from Snodgrass Family Genetics, a family-owned second generation farm that takes organic to the next level. If you’re in California, consider checking out Mendocino Cannabis.Shop, which connects consumers to craft (and often legacy) farmers from one of the finest weed growing regions in the world. In Washington? Check out Hollingsworth Cannabis Company, owned by a Black brother and sister team who pride themselves on growing bud that’s “clean, simple, and pesticide free.” If we listed an option for every state where weed is legal, this would be a long article. But we know you probably have your personal local favorites anyway. Tell us about them!

For the wine mom in your life…The ladies at Garden Society were obviously thinking of this demographic when they came up with their line of Wine Country Gummies. Infused with real wine flavor, these fast-acting edibles are made with full-spectrum sun-grown cannabis and come in three flavors: Tart Cherry Pinot Noir, Sparkling Strawberry Rose, and Peach Prosecco. The stylish packaging adds to their appeal as gift items, and  you’ll be supporting a woman-led brand that’s devoted to lifting up other women in the cannabis industry.

Garden Society gummies on table spread

If your wine mom prefers to drink her THC…consider Rebel Coast, a California-based company founded by winemakers who veered into THC beverages in 2017 with a cannabis-infused alternative to sauvignon blanc. They now make a variety of wine-adjacent beverages that contain THC, including sparkling varieties.

For the working mom in your life…Mother’s little helper has gotten a lot healthier in the past decade. California’s Kikoko (another woman-owned cannabis brand) actually has a line called Little Helpers, which pairs low doses of THC with blends of cannabinoids and vitamins engineered to uplift, energize, or relax. I’m a big fan of Little Helpers Boost, coconut yuzu flavored mints that contain green tea, 2.5 mg of THC, and 2.5 mg of THVC, a cannabinoid that can improve focus. Speaking of an energy and focus boost, we also like MyHi, a dissolvable that delivers both THC and caffeine in a flavorless powder that can be added to any liquid. 

If your mom is dedicated to ethical shopping…We’ve already mentioned a lot of companies that are devoted to ethical practices, but we always have more! If you’re in Massachusetts, consider Good Feels, sugar-free THC sodas in fresh fruit flavors made by a company that is committed to paying its workers good wages. Speaking of prioritizing worker wellbeing, Colorado-based Honeybee Collective is an employee-owned company that is, among other good works, also dedicated to supporting sustainable growers. Your mom will likely love their quality pre-rolls. Meanwhile, in California, Proof is a woman-owned cannabis company that promises affordable weed grown outdoors by small producers who receive fair payment for their product. 

good feels cannabis soda

If your mom loves to cook…Check out Potli, a woman-owned company that makes infused honey, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. (You can buy their CBD products online.) You might also consider Pantry, which makes CBD and THC olive oil, among other treats. Their packaging has a simple, classic aesthetic that’s perfect for gifting. (Pantry products are available in California, Colorado, and Canada.) Or check out Next Level Edibles, a Black and veteran-owned family brand of organic THC-infused coconut oil and brown sugar. Looking for something on the savory side? We love Dose of Saucy, a Black-owned cannabis company whose female founder has invented an array of delectable southern-inspired THC barbecue sauces, hot sauces, and dressings

If your mom is health conscious…you probably can’t do any better than Fruit Slabs. Their vegan fast-acting THC edibles are kosher-certified and made with certified organic fruit and other healthful ingredients. Fruit Slabs THC products can be found in California and Washington, but their CBD products are available across the US. You might also check out Queen Mary, a woman-owned equity brand that focuses on creating vegan products for health-conscious women, including full-spectrum fast-acting edibles that are bolstered with vitamins and rare cannabinoids to boost energy or improve sleep. If your mom is health-conscious in a weight loss kind of way…I can personally recommend Wana Fit, from the #1 hottest female-led brand in the country. These fast-acting edibles contain CBD, a small amount of THC, and THCV, which, among other benefits, is touted as an appetite suppressant. 

If the mom in your life is your partner…consider going in a sexy direction with High on Love Sensual Bath and Body Oil, which combines 100 mg of THC and 100 mg of CBD with patchouli, geranium, and ylang ylang for a spa-worthy experience. They also have a hemp-based version that’s available nationwide. Or you might consider House of LDLR, a woman-owned company that makes a range of sensual cannabis products, including Flower Girl, a water-based lubricant made with nano-emulsified THC and organic aloe vera. Or you could get her Quim’s Night Moves Intimate Oil, which is engineered to intensify sensation and increase libido. They also have a CBD version that’s widely available. Have we piqued your curiosity? Check out our guide to a wide variety of sex-enhancing cannabis products

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of woman-led companies on this list. That’s not a coincidence. Women rule, after all. Isn’t that what Mother’s Day is all about? 

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