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It’s a red-letter day for couch-locked Boston stoners and anyone else who wants a large selection when they order weed in Boston. Zip Run, a social equity cannabis delivery platform, has been granted the first Delivery Operator License from the Boston Cannabis Board. The new license allows Zip Run to carry out wholesale cannabis delivery within the Boston city limits. 

Delivery companies have been operational in the state since July 2021, but have only been able to deliver from single stores. Zip Run is currently partnered with over 10 dispensaries in Massachusetts for cannabis delivery.Wholesale delivery from Zip Run’s Boston warehouse allows for a larger product selection than from a single store. Their warehouse will hold a curated selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, pre-rolls, topicals, and accessories for direct-to-consumer deliveries that could start as soon as March 2022. 

In Massachusetts, marijuana courier and delivery operator licenses are only available to social equity applicants. The company received its cannabis delivery license in May 2021. With both licenses, Zip Run can now pick up and deliver through dispensary partners and also buy wholesale products for delivery. 

“This latest approval means that consumers in Boston will soon be able to purchase the broadest array of high-quality cannabis products for delivery from our warehouse with just a click through our online platform,” said Gabe Vieira, CEO and co-founder of Zip Run. He expressed gratitude to the Boston Cannabis Board and said he hopes this will “pave the way for other entrepreneurs of color to successfully launch cannabis businesses in the Boston area and bring innovation to the industry.”

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