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On Friday, Deep Roots Harvest opened one of Nevada’s largest dispensaries. Located in Reno’s previously underserved South Side, the 6,300-square-foot store was designed and built for cannabis retail and will create 40 jobs.

At the grand opening, the Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce officiated the ribbon cutting ceremony to a packed room of Deep Roots Harvest upper management and staff, Nevada political leaders, local press, and consumers.

Connor Nasbitt, director of operations for the chamber of commerce, commented, “It’s always exciting to welcome a new business to Reno, and we are particularly pleased with how Deep Roots worked with the community in the process of building and opening its beautiful new store. It is important that residents and consumers feel good about a new operation entering their neighborhood, and Deep Roots’ commitment to this process has positioned them as an important business entrant for the city.”

Guests toured the facility, snacked on free sandwiches and snacks from a local deli, and checked out some deep discounts.

With the new facility, Deep Roots Harvest cements its claim as a notable Nevada operator. Founded in 2015, the vertically integrated company now has one of the state’s largest grow facilities, which produces an impressive variety of strains and supplies 80% of Nevada dispensaries. The company also makes some of the hottest Nevada edibles brands: Chillers, Helix Gummies, and Cheeba Chews. In the words of COO Jon Marshall, “By building out one of the city’s largest dispensaries in one of the most underserved neighborhoods, Deep Roots is showing its commitment to be Nevada’s cannabis company.”

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