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Call for Guest Speakers

MJ Unpacked conference session

A Unique Opportunity Awaits

Hold onto your hats, cannabis industry mavens! Here’s an opportunity that’s as rare as a four-leaf clover in a field of the greenest strains. MJ Unpacked, the event for cannabis license-holder executives, scientists, and accredited investors, is on the hunt for unique and compelling speakers for our upcoming conference in dynamic St. Louis, MO this November.

We’re not just looking for any speakers, though. We want the cream of the crop, the top-shelf thinkers, the seasoned veterans who’ve walked the walk and talked the talk in the cannabis industry. Are you itching to share your hard-earned wisdom and valuable research and help others navigate the wild tides of cannabis entrepreneurship? If so, you might just be the person we’re looking for.

We’re Seeking Solutions, Not Sales Pitches

Our conference committee selects speakers with a keen eye for those who can provide solutions, share experiences, and the latest research, and meet the needs of our community. The MJ Unpacked stage isn’t for those looking to pitch their products or services. Instead, we’re focused on panel discussions that dive into the nitty-gritty of industry pain points and explore high-level market opportunities for investors.

We are looking for experienced experts who can deliver granular, practical solutions to today’s most pressing challenges in the cannabis industry. If you’re up for the task and ready to share your insights, we want to hear from you!

No Pay to Play, Just Shared Wisdom

We believe in exchanging ideas, not dollars. MJ Unpacked isn’t a “pay to play” gig, and we don’t compensate our speakers. Instead, we offer a platform for thought leaders to share their expertise and help the cannabis community thrive. Think of it as your chance to give back, to help others make their mark in this exciting industry.

And if you’re worried about submitting the same application as a previous event, don’t sweat it! We keep all past submissions on file, so there’s no need to resubmit your topic. We will review all past submissions for this event, too.

Ready to Take the Stage?

The clock’s ticking, and the deadline to submit your application is 8/15/23. If you’re a cannabis industry thought leader ready to roll up your sleeves and share your knowledge on the MJ Unpacked stage, don’t let this opportunity go up in smoke!

Whether you’re an OG or a fresh face, we can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s light up the stage together at MJ Unpacked this November. See you in St. Louis!

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