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MJ Unpacked Community Builder Award

Marshall Ogen, esteemed recipient of the CBOY Award at MJ Unpacked

Introducing the Marshall Ogen Community Builder Award (CBA)! This prestigious accolade celebrates trailblazers who embody the essence of community building within the cannabis industry. These individuals are not just industry players; they are catalysts for connection, advocates for progress, and champions of collaboration.

Established in 2024, the inaugural CBA, presented in partnership with the New Jersey Cannabis Business Association, shined its first spotlight on  Marshall Ogen of Cannabis BPO. Marshall’s relentless dedication to forging meaningful relationships, fostering invaluable connections, and propelling the cannabis sector forward sets him apart as a visionary and leader. We honored Marshall Ogen during the Opening Night Reception at MJ Unpacked Atlantic City for his unparalleled contributions to the cannabis community.

About Marshall Ogen

Marshall Ogen is a seasoned leader with over three decades of expertise in the contact center and consumer/patient care domain. As the Vice President of Business Strategy at CannabisBPO, alongside its affiliated companies PharmaCentra and Concentra Solutions, Marshall has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives tailored to the unique needs of the legal cannabis industry. Drawing upon his extensive background in quality assurance and customer care, he has pioneered innovative solutions to address present challenges and anticipate future trends in the cannabis sector.


Marshall’s influence extends beyond his corporate role; he serves as a strategic advisor to the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association, contributing his insights to shape industry practices. Additionally, Marshall’s involvement with esteemed organizations like the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) underscores his commitment to advancing the field. His leadership as the former chair of the Mid-Atlantic Professional Association of Customer Experience (PACE) reflects his dedication to fostering excellence in customer-centric practices.

A prolific writer and speaker, Marshall’s contributions to the discourse on cannabis span over five years, culminating in his membership in the Rolling Stone Culture Council. Through his articles and engagements, he enriches public understanding of the evolving cannabis landscape. Marshall’s academic pursuits are equally noteworthy; as an adjunct professor at Rider University, he imparts knowledge on cannabis-specific curriculum, shaping the next generation of industry professionals. Moreover, his collaboration with Rider University and fellow cannabis experts resulted in the publication of seminal research titled “The Future of Cannabis in New Jersey,” shedding light on critical socio-economic dynamics.

With a solid foundation in Political Science from Rider University, Marshall combines academic rigor with practical acumen to drive meaningful change in the cannabis industry. His multifaceted roles as a strategist, advisor, educator, and advocate underscore his enduring commitment to shaping the future of cannabis with integrity and foresight.

Marshall Ogen

MJ Unpacked will coordinate efforts with leading State associations to nominate future candidates for their State CBA. All state winners will be invited to attend MJ Unpacked to announce the overall annual winner.

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