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When are your next events?

October 10-12, 2023, MotorCity Casino Hotel, Detroit, MI.

Who is qualified to attend?

Attendance is exclusive to cannabis retail and brand executives actively working in business operations, with the title manager and above and accredited investors actively investing in the space. You can view approved business types here.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost to attend depends on your business type, registration date, and product selection. See the grid below:


Early Bird

6/17 – 7/28


7/29 – 9/15


9/16 – 10/12

Expo Only Pass: Qualified Retailers, Verticals & Distributors/Delivery (B2B)$0$49$99
Expo Only Pass: Accredited Investors, Brands, Consumption Lounges, Cultivators, Distributors/Delivery (B2C), Manufacturers, or Producers/Processors$199$299$399
Conference Pass Upgrade*+$150+$150+$150
Venture Summit Pass Upgrade* (Exclusive to Accredited Investors)+$150+$150+$150

*Price is in addition to Expo Only Pass

Do you have to be 21+ to enter the event?

Yes. Only adults 21+ are allowed to enter the event. No children are allowed.

What if I don't have my license yet? Can I attend?

MJ Unpacked will approve registrants that provide documentation of their application status. During registration, applicants in early-stage markets can upload documentation from the State, their attorney, or CPA that shows the type(s) of licenses sought and stage of the application.

Do you offer a social equity discount?

We offer a 50% registration discount for social equity license holders. We may ask for additional information before approving the registration if we can’t verify that you are a social equity license holder online.

How can I reserve exhibit space in the Brand Experience Hall?

Email [email protected] or call (206) 338-1608 for more information on how you can show off your company at the event.

How can my organization become a sponsor?

Email [email protected] or call (206) 338-1608 for more information on sponsorship opportunities.

I am a consultant or ancillary services/products supplier. How can I attend?

Consultants and ancillary providers are welcome to join us by exhibiting or sponsoring the event. We have limited space for these select companies and welcome your participation as an exhibitor. Email [email protected] for information on exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities.

Attendance is exclusive to cannabis retail and brand executives with the title manager and above, and accredited investors actively investing in the space.

Is this a consumption event?

There is no sampling on the event floor of THC-containing products.

How do I become a speaker at your events?

Our Call for Guest Speakers is currently open for our Detroit event, and we look forward to your submission.

Each session in our conference program is highly curated by a committee of license holders from different markets to address current pain points and needs.

Our audience consists of cannabis license-holder executives and accredited investors. The conference committee selects speakers based on the solutions and experience they can provide our audience in concert with the community’s needs. Sessions at MJ Unpacked are typically panel discussions that address retail and brand pain points, and high-level market opportunities for investors.

The committee will not select speakers motivated to sell their services or products from the stage. MJ Unpacked does not subscribe to a “pay to play” model, and speakers aren’t compensated.

Can I get a list of exhibitors and attendees?

We do not sell, rent or distribute lists of any kind to anyone.  Registered delegates (exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees) can download the MJ Unpacked app and reach out to, connect with, and schedule appointments with one another.

Can I host, sponsor, promote, or publish external hospitality functions during the event?

Clients agree not to host, sponsor, promote, or publish any external hospitality function that conflicts with any programming or networking events that are produced by Event Management and part of the official Event schedule.  This is not to impede any small group events but to avoid Clients holding large functions that are in conflict with official hospitality events.  Failure to comply may result in loss of exhibit space, sponsorship status, or event access.  Please contact our sales team to explore our bespoke hospitality service offerings.

Currently, I only sell hemp (or Delta 8). But I’m in a State that expects to pass adult-use shortly. Can I attend?

Please email [email protected] with your details. They are making exceptions for companies in States like yours. 

Who produces MJ Unpacked?

MJ Unpacked is produced by Jage Media – a veteran team of B2B event producers and business media. You may have heard of George Jage. He was president of Marijuana Business Daily/ MJ Biz Con from 2014 – 2017 and CEO of Dope Magazine.

Registration Questions

How do I register?

Register to attend today at! Please review our Approved Business Types to ensure our event is the right fit for you. 

How do I attend the Venture Summit?

Register for MJ Unpacked as an Accredited Investor and add the Venture Summit to your registration for an additional $150. Investors must register under their fund name. If you do not have a fund name or your fund name cannot be verified, you may be approved as a Private Investor if additional info is provided.

Why was I denied?

We deny registrations if we can’t verify that you meet our Approved Business Types. 

If you feel we reached an error, please contact us at [email protected]

I got into a previous event, why am I denied now?

We continue to hone our process and build our team to make every aspect of our event better than the last. If you are currently denied, it’s because our expanded team and processes can’t verify that you currently meet our Approved Business Types. 

If you feel we reached an error, please contact us at [email protected]

Do you offer Day Passes?

MJ Unpacked is a 3-day event chock full of exciting seminars, exhibits, and special events. We do not offer 1-day passes.

I received a promo code for MJ Unpacked. How do I claim it?

You will be able to claim your promo code at checkout during registration. We cannot apply promotional codes after registration is complete.

I received a promo code, but I'm already registered. Can I still claim the promotion?

Registration fees are final. We cannot apply promotional codes after registration is complete.

I want to bring my friend, spouse, or significant other. How do I get them a badge?

If your friend, spouse, or significant other qualifies under one of the categories below they are welcome to register themselves:

Attendance is exclusive to cannabis retail and brand executives with the title manager and above, and accredited investors actively investing in the space.

I don’t know my license number, but I am a licensed brand or retailer. Can I register?

Yes. As long as you and your company have an online presence that we can use to verify your identity, you will be approved. Please leave the license field blank during registration and we may reach out for additional information as needed.

Do I have to be pre-registered? What if I want to show up and register onsite?

Pre-registration is highly recommended. People that show up without a badge will have to register online and wait until their registration is approved to access the floor MJ Unpacked is on.

Once approved, they will receive a text to pick up their badge. Photo ID must be provided.

Will you mail me my badge?

We will mail badges to registrants in the USA that register one month before the event.

My company has a business suite at your event. How do I get more badges?

Suite badge allotments can’t be increased. If your client, partner, investor, or guest, is qualified to attend MJ Unpacked, please contact your client success manager and they will provide you with options.

I registered as an accredited investor in NYC or LV, why can't I get in now?

Sadly, an inordinate amount of people who registered as accredited investors were consultants that were selling to our exhibitors. If you truly are an angel investor please reach out to [email protected].

I'm an accredited investor, can I change my company name on my badge?

You were approved based on your investor status, not your company type. Badges cannot be altered once approved.

What is your cancellation policy?

Registration is non-refundable. All Event registration sales are final and non-refundable unless the Event is canceled by JMI. Exceptions will be made for medical emergencies, bereavement, and military service with documentation.

I’m an investor in Jage Media, and I want my client to get a badge.

Your client and/or portfolio company still needs to go through registration and the approval process in order to get a badge. We want you to make a return on your investment and the exclusivity of the event is core to our value proposition. Thank you for understanding.