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SEATTLE, September 17, 2020 (PR Newswire) – Jage Media Inc. announced the launch of their digital content platform, MJ Brand Insights, and the appointment of Felisa Rogers as the managing editor of the publication, targeted toward cannabis brand and retail executives.

According to their mission statement, MJ Brand Insights is dedicated to providing a sharp, substantive, and reliable source of industry intel for cannabis brands and retailers. “Our mission is to foster the growth of the most important sub-segment in the cannabis industry,” said co-founder and CMO, Kim Jage. “We’re seeing a continuing surge of new brands, new retail concepts, and new ideas. And as markets mature, there’s an increased demand for more specialized content. We’re excited to provide this resource.”

Jage Media appointed Felisa Rogers as managing editor of the publication. Ms. Rogers has over twenty years of professional experience as a writer and editor, has been published in the likes of The Guardian and Salon, and has been working in the cannabis industry since 2009.  “The cannabis media landscape is short on incisive, original content and meaningful analysis. We want to dive deep. As the market continues to normalize toward a more traditional CPG industry, we’ll be here to provide the specialized industry intel and actionable content that our readers can use to build their brands.”

According to Jage Media’s strategic partner and leading cannabis market intelligence provider, BDSA, the U.S. cannabis industry market is projected to have a 18% CAGR and reach $34.5 billion in legal medical and adult-use spending by 2025, a CAGR of 18%. “This growth is fundamentally tied to the innovation of brands to meet evolving consumer needs as well as increased consumer acceptance and engagement at the retail level,” stated BDSA co-founder and executive chairman, Roy Bingham. “We are excited to be adding relevant market intelligence to readers through ongoing content contributions to MJ Brand Insights.”

Jage Media is a business-to-business cannabis media company built to foster community by providing brands and retailers with the space to connect and the resources to thrive. This May, Jage Media hosted the first virtual trade show and conference for the cannabis industry, MJ Unpacked. Nearly 500 qualified retail and CPG brand executives attended the Colorado market event, which was followed by an event for the California market, and an upcoming event for the Midwest market on September 23-24.

About Jage Media

Founded by George Jage, former president of MJBizDaily/MJBizCon and CEO of Dope Media, and Kim Jage, former EVP & CMO of World Tea Media, Jage Media launched in early 2020 with a veteran team of cannabis investors, including: BDSA; CanopyBoulder; Keneh Ventures; Panther Opportunity Fund; and cannabis industry veterans Jay and Diane Czarkowski, co-founders of Canna Advisors, through their fund. The company is poised to fill the critical gap where brands and retailers convene to drive the future of the industry, capture the next stage of market growth and deliver a true return on investment and objectives. Jage Media is headquartered in the greater Seattle area.


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