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First-Person Accounts of MJ Unpacked

Get Deals Done :30

Brian Kingsley, Private Investor
Attendee at MJ Unpacked

This is the Best One :35

Kristen Foley, Dir. of Business Development, Melt-to-Make, Exhibitor at MJ Unpacked

Best Value :44

Shannon Vetto, fmr CEO, Evergreen Market
Retail Attendee at MJ Unpacked

Highly Curated :22

Jon Bond, CRO, Illicit Gardens
Exhibitor at MJ Unpacked

Valuable Contacts :39

Denise De Nardi, CRO, Higher Love
Retail Attendee at MJ Unpacked

Quality Time :51

Micah Hogan, VP of Sales & Marketing, Floraworks
Exhibitor at MJ Unpacked

Elevate the Conversation :49

Marianne Cursetjee, CEO, Alibi Cannabis
Exhibitor at MJ Unpacked

Get an Investor :35

Diane Downey, CEO, Rebel Spirit
Exhibitor at MJ Unpacked

Where you Gotta Be :51

Patrick Rea, Managing Director, Poseidon
Investor Attendee at MJ Unpacked

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